Sorella Farms, Evington, VA
• October 21, 2017 •
4:00 PM, EST

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Emily & Travis met in the fall of 2007 at a gathering of mutual friends. For years they fostered a close friendship, going to concerts and taking the dogs to the park.

They each knew that they felt something more, but they valued their friendship and feared jeopardizing it...
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Then one day in 2012, everything changed. They decided to take things further and started dating.

They went from best friends, to boyfriend and girlfriend, and eventually to even more...
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December 19th, 2015 is the day Emily graduated from college. Little did she know that this would not be the only life changing event to take place that evening!

Travis had asked for her father's approval to propose, so her parents were able to help plan a very
special graduation party for her...
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Her mother had decorated their loft space beautifully for the occasion, and all of her family and closest friends were in attendance.

As the evening progressed and it started to get later, Emily's grandma (who she is very close to), was tired and was getting ready to leave. And since Emily had no idea what was to come later on that evening, she kindly helped her grandmother outside to wish her goodnight.

Fortunately, Travis and Emily's father swept in to successfully coach Grandma into staying! Unfortunately, the stairs were too much for Grandma to climb back up again, so they moved the party downstairs to the garage.

Once the party had recommenced, it was time for Emily to open a graduation gift from Travis...
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He had given her a beautiful scrapbook, full of all of her accomplishments from that year.

And then, on the very last page of the scrapbook there were the words:

"Marry me?"
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When Emily read this it not only brought her to tears, but to her knees. She was at such a loss for words that she could only emphatically nod:


She had said yes to spending forever with Travis! Her best friend, and the love of her life!
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Apocalypse Ale Works is the first brewery in Forest, Virginia since Thomas Jefferson brewed in the 1800’s at Poplar Forest.

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Amber Trask + Sam Sharp
Sarah Cross + Jordan Dooley
Ryan Tagney


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